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Cole & Bright has more power to light up sales
Gardman - No 1 for Gardening Accessories
Market leading solutions for non-chemical weed protection
Grow It stengthens its propagation and growhouse range
If you want to sell watering systems that DON'T leak, sell Flopro
"Kent & Stowe garden tools sell well because they are an affordable traditional looking range of tools in either carbon or stainless steel"
"Is there a plant support system that I can use which grows with my plants?"
A basket full of ideas for beautiful outdoor planting
Gardman Crest ready to deliver you growth in 2020
Investing for the future and ready for business in the new year
Gardening Gloves get a Kent & Stowe education
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TV Celebrity Brand Ambassador for Kent & Stowe
Kent & Stowe Wellies will keep sales up during wet weather
Pots of extra sales opportunties
Gardman instant garden décor provides year round sales opportunities
Kent & Stowe gloves, clogs, wellies and kneelers - sure to be 2020 bestsellers
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Gardman Crest ready to deliver you growth in 2020

Gardman Crest 181219_GTN018.jpg

Happy new year to all our customers from all of the team at Gardman Crest who are ready to deliver growth to your business in 2020.


Having combined the businesses of Gardman and Crest Garden; we are stronger together.  All of our brands ensure that quality, design and functionality are at the core of what we do – keeping today’s gardener in mind.


We have kept all of the great products and brands that Gardman have produced for the past 25 years, as well as retained the two leading brands of Kent and Stowe tools and Flopro watering from Crest Garden. Plantpak has merged with Grow It and is now a fully comprehensive range of growing and propagation. However, we have spent 2019 enhancing our product offering with high quality innovative products into all of our ranges.

Gardman, Grow It and Cole & Bright have all undergone massive re-branding and design exercises ensuring consumers have the most beautiful and easy to shop packaging available in the market. We have also introduced brand new stands for every category with informative and easy to understand point of sale.

New and exciting products and ranges include the new Cole & Bright decorative range, Grow It plant supports that grow with your plants as well as Kent & Stowe tree care and new traditionally styled wooden cutting. Grow It has also introduced innovative growhouses with stability pockets for wind resistance and stronger covers and shelving, as well as a keen product range focussing on reducing single use plastics. The Gardman brand is back to its former splendour and heritage; bringing back to the brand hanging baskets and core gardening accessories and sundries.

A huge new launch for us in 2020 is Kent & Stowe gloves, clogs, wellies and kneelers - offering the high quality, bespoke designs and breadth of range, all with new and innovative merchandising solutions.

We have worked hard over the past year to bring you a truly stunning and comprehensive gardening range and we are very excited to share this with you.

Gardman Crest is pleased to welcome you to our showroom in Peterborough during 2020. It is open to all of our customers throughout the year, showcasing all current and new products with merchandising solutions on display. The showroom is a fantastic place to see, learn and understand the features and benefits of all of our brands and products.


To book your showroom visit contact the Gardman Crest Sales Team, click here

As always, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to growing your business throughout 2020.

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