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Smart Garden to buy Chapelwood from Scotts
No wild claims from Smart, just looking after existing customers and aiming to re-capture the affection for Chapelwood
Sale of Bayer Garden to French firm completes on Tuesday
Flopro's ‘Shop within Shop’ is a real success
Autumn activity in the garden drives up sales
New Broadway Lean-To Greenhouse adds to Eden’s Zero Threshold™ success
Managing Director wanted at Glendale Horticulture
Two new perennial plant brands launched in drive for market growth
Johnsons Lawn Seed gets recharged at Glee 2016
Impact of Brexit, the shopper journey and the future of retail all on the agenda at HTA Garden Futures Conference
Klondyke's new delivery vehicles get new design
Simon King venture is a winner for Wildlife World
Two New Training Initiatives to Help Managers Develop Themselves and Their Skills
Wyevale looks to sell Windlesham centre for housing
Managing Director
Nursery Growing Supervisor
Garden Sundries Retail Manager (West Midlands)
Horticultural / Plantarea Manager (Berkshire)
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Houseplant care & lighting dominate as we move into the Autumn Lawncare season
Onions and fruit hold off green winter veg sales
Garden changes fuel top soil sales
Top 50 plant sales continue to grow
Team of 19 horticulturists have raised over £30,000 for Perennial
Garden centres battle against 'unfair business rates'
Kent & Stowe – Know Your Soil – excels at Glee
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Situations Vacant
Managing Director
Salary: To attract the best
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Nursery Growing Supervisor
Salary: £20,000 - £25,000
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Garden Sundries Retail Manager (West Midlands)
Salary: £18,000 - £22,000
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Horticultural / Plantarea Manager (Berkshire)
Salary: £18,000 - £22,000
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Two New Training Initiatives to Help Managers Develop Themselves and Their Skills

Ian Boardman is to be one of the first to facilitate Training Masterclasses at HTA’s Horticulture House, Chilton near Oxford.

Ian says: “The more I heard about the HTA moving to new premises, the more I liked the idea of using it as a Training Venue. It came just as I was looking for venues for two new Training Initiatives so it all seemed to fit. People have been asking me for this type of programme for some time so I am looking forward to facilitating the days we have planned.”

"There is often great benefit in getting a room full of like-minded people together to discuss work related issues. Having an external facilitator can help the process along and help draw conclusions and action plans."

The Plant Area Managers’ Development Programme starts on Wednesday 9th November has been designed tohelp managers develop themselves and their departments and make the most of their specialist knowledge.

"It’s all about sharing ideas, experiences, problems and solutions. It’s about learning as a group and from the group," Ian explained. "I am an experienced Plant Area Manager in two different centres and will guide you through the two days."

"The programme involves two days in the year. The process each day would include reviewing, analysing, discussing and planning the future. Benchmark figures would be agreed for sharing for discussion and goal planning. There is also a project to carry out at work – plan it, organise it and action it – then report back."

The Personal Development Programme begins on Thursday 10th November and is over three days. It is aimed to help those in any branch of the horticulture industry wishing to improve their skills in developing themselves and those around them to achieve the following :

  • Get the best performance from yourself and others
  • Communicate with more clarity, accuracy and persuasiveness
  • Set ambitious goals and achieve them on time
  • Use good humour to make yourself more effective in the workplace
  • Distinguish between constructive and destructive criticism
  • Manage your priorities so that you are always doing the most important thing
  • Inspire others to create a positive atmosphere around you
  • Project – carry out a real project at work – plan it, organise it and action it – then report back

Programme Dates

Plant Area Managers’ Development Programme

  • Day One              Wednesday 9 November
  • Day Two             Thursday 9 February 2017

Personal Development Programme

  • Day One              Thursday 10 November
  • Day Two             Wednesday 11 January
  • Day Three           Wednesday 8 February

To book or if you require more information email Ian Boardman at

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