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Cheeky innuendo takes garden centre customers by surprise...

A retired couple spotted a lorry with a seemingly suggestive slogan on its side as they shopped for Christmas trees at Wyevale’s Barnett Hill garden centre near Stourbridge.


It said 'SEX GUARANTEED' in huge lettering, alongside drawings of two bunny rabbits…


Stunned by the innuendo, the couple, from Birmingham, captured the scene on camera.


"We were stunned to start as it was quite a shock, although we're open-minded, some people may get offended,” Clive, who declined to give his surname, told a reporter “The wife just said her first thoughts were ‘Is the driver advertising himself’?”


Because they could only to see the top half of the lorry, the couple did realise it was owned by Pets Corner and included an explanation for the suggestive slogan.


“Imagine driving down the motorway seeing this coming towards you,” Clive added.


On the Coventry Evening Telegraph website, a spokesperson for Pets Corner explained that they put the advert on their lorries as they believed they were the only pet store to guarantee the gender of their animals.

“We were acutely conscious of animals being sold in pairs, which for some species is important…only for owners to then find themselves with unwanted litters. Sexing young creatures can be difficult as you might imagine, so we embarked upon a training programme with all of the staff in stores that sell animals to teach them how to go about it," she said.

Check out the couple’s footage with this link 

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