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September sales in garden centres above average
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Nursery Growing Supervisor
Horticultural Plant Centre Manager (Northamptonshire)
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Garden Centre General Manager
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Horticultural Quality Controller
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Nursery Growing Supervisor
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Horticultural Plant Centre Manager (Northamptonshire)
Salary: £16,500
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September sales in garden centres above average

September sales volumes in garden centres for 2016 were 4% above the average for the previous five years but only 0.5% up on 2015 levels despite the higher than normal temperatures and hours of sunshine.

In the GTN Bestsellers Top 50 charts, only Growing Media outperformed last year, up by 30% - whereas Garden Products were down by 1% and Veg-2-Gro plants and seeds down by 13%.

Notably the last week in the month saw a big swing in Christmas product sales as displays are completed and opened for business but this coincided with a 28% drop in garden product sales compared with the same week last year. That may be the effect of garden product sales areas being shrunk to accommodate Christmas earlier
than normal.

Are you making sure you still have great displays of your bestselling Autumn gardening products in good traffic areas? The high levels of growing media sales indicate people are still actively gardening!

GTN Bestsellers Top 50 sales volumes compared to the same week last year...
  • Garden Products - down 28%
  • Veg-2-Gro - down 20%
  • Growing Media - up 17%
  • All Items Index - up 3%
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