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John Hinde's new company brings unique German home and leisure range to UK

Ginique is a new company started by John Hinde when he left his role as sales manager for Kadai after seven years.


“I needed a new challenge and was finding it difficult to search out a niche that appealed to me, so I bit the bullet and set up my own business,” he said. “I then spent time looking around for products that I felt would fit well into the garden and leisure industry, a sector which I love. Höfats was the first range that made me say ‘Wow!’ All the products are designed in house, all have a design twist, are made from high quality materials and all environmentally focused. Not only that they appeal to all age groups. I judge a product by whether or not I would want it at home and I can honestly say I would have them all.”


Like the mountain it’s named after, Höfats Gmbh is unique and on the up. The company is led by its co-founders and best friends, Christian and Thomas, both graduates in design and engineering at Berlin University.


“When I first saw the offices in Germany I felt immediately at home,” John recalls. “The laid back nature of everyone in the office, the casual office attire, tree trunks for stools in the meeting room, a communal dining table where everyone takes it in turns to cook and create meals, they have the same ethos as Apple. They make products for people who care and products that people fall in love with. The company is in touch with the environment, all the packaging and products are recyclable. The team are very young and dynamic with great ideas and ethics, which can be seen in every product design and every packaging box, the attention to detail is fantastic.



 “What makes it all so special? The clever ideas, the finish, the packaging, for me it’s all the factors coming together to give you a great product and a great customer experience. The products are great to open, build quality is exceptional and the ideas are sublime and make you want more.”


Design really shows through and you can see why Höfats have won so many awards; there is innovation and just that little bit something different from the norm. The range, although currently small, is growing steadily.


Höfats offers high quality products, using the very best materials, they are well thought through, beautifully packaged and come with wonderful marketing support. The products suit all age groups and are ideal for gardens, camping, caravans, campervans, beach parties…to name just a few.

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