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Grow your sales with Evergreen Garden Care’s GYO best-sellers
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Now that Spring is here and more people are at home than ever before, the Grow Your Own (GYO) trend is increasingly popular. It’s an activity that doesn’t require much space, whether that’s in or outdoor, but it rewards gardeners with visible and edible results.


Good weather coupled with the COVID-19 lockdown has boosted Grow Your Own search and sales across the UK.  Evergreen Garden Care recognises that garden spaces are one of the key sanctuaries for households during this unprecedented time, with more people using their own safe, green retreat to exercise, relax and learn new skills.


Marketing Director for UK and Ireland at Evergreen Garden Care, Ann-Marie O’Riordan, says “We are incredibly proud of our new and existing product lines. Growing your own fruit and vegetables is practical, but can also act as a form of escapism. It can be scaled up or down depending on the space available and by any gardener however skilled, making it the perfect opportunity for our customers to offer the best products to consumers looking for advice and guidance on easy things to do at home.”


In light of this, Evergreen Garden Care presents its top four GYO products to stock up on:


Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Compost

New to the Miracle-Gro family this year is the Miracle-Gro Performance Organics range. Certified by Organic Farmers & Growers Ltd and after years of work and hundreds of trials, this range can grow plants twice as big, organically. The range specifically targets the new consumer demand for sustainable and organic gardening products.


Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Compost feeds plants for three months after use, encouraging the growth of bigger, better produce. Your shopper’s home-grown fruit and vegetables deserve the best, so ensure you’re stocked up for your customers’ organic GYO needs. 




Miracle-Gro Performance Organics Fruit & Veg Liquid Concentrate Food

Another of the popular launches from the new range, this high-performance liquid plant food is perfect for pots, containers, beds and borders. In fact, this product is suitable for vegan growers and those with a focus on a sustainable lifestyle, as it’s packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable material. Ideal for novice gardeners looking to see fast results in their home-grown produce with results visible in just seven days! Grow your own has never been so easy.



Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato Food

A GYO staple for novice and experienced gardeners alike is tomatoes, whether you have a full vegetable patch or just a sunny windowsill. The nation’s favourite liquid plant food for tomatoes, Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato Food, is enriched with seaweed for full-flavoured tomatoes. Tomorite is also ideal for other crops such as sweet peppers and aubergines, so remind customers to purchase alongside your seed fixtures to drive incremental spend.



Levington Tomorite Giant Planter with Seaweed

For those looking for an easy win, Levington Tomorite Giant Planter with Seaweed is the perfect solution. This giant planter has been pre-enriched with Tomorite plant food, ready to grow your best tomatoes! Stock up now to help customers keen to kick off their GYO adventure with an easy, all-in-one solution.



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