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Rockin Pebbles rock the nation as Deco-Pak helps retailers to expand the growing play, hobby and gift categories


With concern escalating over the amount of time that children spend staring at phone and computer screens, Deco-Pak is leading the way in helping retailers to provide innovative solutions that encourage kids to engage in fun pursuits that reconnect with the natural world.
As demand for creative hobbies continues to grow, Deco-Pak is throwing the spotlight on its popular Rockin Pebbles – a hobby that’s rockin’ the nation! Now available for retailers in a new eye-catching display box, the fun craze of decorating pebbles and leaving them for others to find is catching on fast.
Rockin Pebbles form part of Deco-Pak’s strategy of encouraging both children and adults to get hands-on with creative projects, joining a growing movement for less screen time and more green time. A BBC report, which focused on research from Childwise, revealed that children aged five to 16 spend an average of six-and-a-half hours a day in front of a screen, compared to just three hours in 1995. Similarly, a report in The Independent newspaper claimed that young children spend twice as long looking at screens as they do playing outside. By the time they reach the age of seven, the newspaper said, children will have spent the equivalent of 465 days staring at electronic screens.
With retailers looking for fun solutions that offer the perfect antidote to screens and technology, Rockin Pebbles are ideally positioned to capture a share of the growing market for hobbies and gifts – a rapidly expanding sector at garden centres nationwide.
Deco-Pak Director, Craig Hall, said: “Deco-Pak is at the forefront of consumer trends and natural play solutions that reconnect children with the outside world are forecasting to experience growth in demand as parents seek out activities that will lure kids away from phones, tablets and computer screens. The year-round market for hobbies and gifts is a key growth area for garden centres and retailers,  Rockin Pebbles appeal to consumers by promoting fellowship through acts of kindness, while combining creativity in a healthy pursuit that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.”
To further enhance the play experience, Deco-Pak has introduced Rockin Pens – the perfect accessory pack will help to keep kids entertained for hours. The acrylic pens complement the Rockin Pebbles range, each containing eight brightly coloured, UV-resistant pens that are non-toxic and safe for children to use. As the pens are both water and weather-proof, they’re ideal for decorating any stone or pebble with a long-lasting, brightly coloured effect.

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