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Durstons show they're a 'Class Act'
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A Class Act!....well that was the response to its new packaging worn by model Alice, at this year's GLEE trade show, but is only one of many reasons why Durston Garden Products, continues to celebrate its ongoing success and longevity.


The aim of the futuristic outfit was to demonstrate to retailers two things. One, that in addition to having a 150 year history, Durstons is a modern forward-thinking company which is very much in-vogue, and that’s why it was shortlisted at this years GIMA Awards for its new packaging. Secondly, and a subject very close to Durston’s heart, is their approach to the environment which has earned them a reputation within the trade for being one of the first manufacturers to lead the way in promoting 100% recyclable bags.


Durstons is so much more than a compost supplier it is a business with a conscience, and one which works fluidly with its customers to ensure it meets their everyday needs; whilst at the same time safe-guarding its reputation and customer service along the way;  a business which attributes its success to a variety of factors.


“For example, the sheer fact that we are based here in the UK," says company spokesman Dan Durston, “means we have a distinct advantage over many of our competitors.

"With Brexit still looming large, and continuing to offer nothing but uncertainty, we are finding more and more compost stockists switching to the Durstons brand simply because they are being let down by their current suppliers.


"Companies, which often engage in long, complicated supply-chain deliveries from overseas; and which often results in them not always reaching there delivery destination on time. In contrast, Durstons’ offer a unique delivery package which means that wherever our customers are in the UK, Durstons can, and will deliver its products within 5 days from receipt of order, yes you heard that right.


"Just 5 days from receipt of order. This is seen as a huge advantage to garden centres.  And, if you add to this the changing weather patterns we are all now having to deal with, and the shift in seasons too,  it means products which have traditionally only been required in the summer months are now almost being requested all-year-round.


"Equally, Durstons has the ability to offer mixed-pallet loads which means retailers no longer have to stock-pile pallets and pallets of the same composts, but instead can have a much more varied choice and in much smaller quantities.”


So, as another year draws to a close, Durstons look back once again with a sense of pride at its achievements, and in particular it reflects specifically to an incident at GLEE when asking one of its visitors to sum-up their Durston experience in one word, to which the response was: “Ok, maybe not one word, not even two words, but three:  ‘A Class Act’.”

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