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Blue Diamond now 3rd largest Garden Centre Group in the UK

On Friday 17th August 2018, the Blue Diamond Group became the third largest Garden Centre group in the UK, following the integration of 8 centres purchased from Wyevale Garden Centres.


Leading Garden Centre Groups by number of outlets
Aug-18 Group Outlets
1 Wyevale Garden Centres 135
2 Dobbies 34
3 Blue Diamond 30
4 Klondyke 22
5 Notcutts 18
6 Squires 16
7 = Hilliers 12
7 = Cherry Lane 12
9 Hillview 11
10 British Garden Centres 10
Source GTN - updated 13-8-18  


The feedback from Blue Diamond Melbicks (above) was: "Great day here at Melbicks yesterday!  The team here are on fire and extremely lively… we had an awesome day! The picture says it all!

Thanks to RST for all their vital support, the day ran with very little issues here.  The energy this morning around the centre is electric as we get in to day 2!!"


And from Blue Diamond Cadbury: "The reaction to Cadbury going over to Blue Diamond has been incredible both staff and customers are over the moon.  A great team here."


Managing Director Alan Roper was full of praise for his teams who have integrated 8 large centres with tills working, teams in uniforms, centre signage changed and nothing seriously falling over within two weeks.


"To achieve all of this on the first day is a major credit to them all," Alan told GTN Xtra.  "Well done Team Blue Diamond. I feel very proud and thankful to have such a great team. Many years in the making but we got there.


"Thanks too to the volunteers who in some cases were up until 3am making sure day one would run as smoothly as it did."




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