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Lubera win award for Best Novelty Bedding Plant


The Lubera team are proud to announce that they have won the award for Best Novelty Bedding Plant at IPM Essen Trade Show.  At the IPM the team wowed the judges with their brand new, and let's be honest, jolly exciting new peanut plant, Justmore!

Compared to other peanut varieties Justmore has pods that are really huge, about 50% longer, and at the same time, they are relatively profound. The nuts themselves are also big, and thus belong to the larger varieties in our assortment. The colour of the seed coat is dark red and it resembles the variety Justblack, which again is from our range,  a little bit.

While in almost all varieties the number of nuts per pod tends towards two on average, either slightly more or less (as there are also one-nut pods), in Justmore the number is almost always three.  Of course, there are also 2-piece pods, but most of them have three nuts and there are also a significant number of 4-piece pods, which you hard;y ever see in other peanut varieties.

Advantages of the Justmore peanut variety: 

  • Large pods with an average of three nuts
  • Attractive, long peanut pods, “snake nuts”
  • Particularly robust against moist and cold weather

Short description of the peanut plant Justmore:

  • Pods and nuts: Very large pods, usually 3 nuts, but also can have 4 nuts; the seed coat of the nuts is dark red.
  • Yield: The yield is slightly lower than Justpink®, but when planted in early May, you can expect 60+ pods per plant in September/early October, which yields almost 180 nuts. Truly not a bad harvest for a Central European peanut crop.
  • Planting: Early to mid-May; as this variety can also be harvested a little later in October, Justmore can also be planted until early June; initially upright, sparse growth, later branching.
  • Harvest: From mid-September for early planting, early October for late planting.

Special features: Justmore shows an above-average tolerance to late harvesting and humid weather. The foliage is still 50% green even at the late harvest date around 20 October, while most other varieties already have quite brown and grey foliage at this time.

These plants will be available from from May 2020.

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