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Lofa members seek help with container charges at ports

Lofa have been lobbying MP's to get something done quickly to reduce or defer container storage costs at ports from Shipping Lines.


The letter Lofa's Marketing manager Gina Hinde has been sending to MP's is below and garden centres can help by also sending a copy to their MP and by accepting their container deliveries thereby alleviating the situation as outlined in the letter.


Lofa letter to MP's:


I am writing on behalf of the Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association (LOFA).


We are an association of 70 companies that all manufacture garden furniture, barbecues and accessories for the outdoor leisure industry.


The Corona Virus has caused uncertainty and looming financial crisis on our industry.


The majority of the industry manufactures products in the far east and imports them into the UK. The business is seasonal and we are now about to hit our main selling season April through to July.


Our LOFA members place orders on the far east factories in September/October for delivery into the UK, to meet the demand of the selling season in January/February the following year. However, this year the COVID19 outbreak in China in January caused the factories to close down therefore stopping the production and shipments of products to the UK to arrive in time for the season.


China have now resumed production and shipping, therefore the products that should have been in our stores in February/March are now being shipped across to the UK via containers into Felixstowe or Southampton ports. Ordinarily these containers would hit the ports and then go direct to stores, however due to the Corona Virus non-essential businesses have been advised to close therefore leaving our members with containers at ports incurring demurrage and detention charges.





1 x 20ft Container

1 x 40ft container

1 x 20ft Container

1 x 40ft container

Days 1-7 = Free

Days 1 - 7 = free 

Days 1- 2 = Free

Days 1- 2 = Free

Days 8-14  =£30 per day

Days 8 - 14 = £48 per day 

Days 3-15 = £20.00

Days 3-15 = £25.00

Days 15 - 21 =£50 per day 

Days 15 - 21 = £80 per day 

Day 16 Onwards = £25.00

Day 16 Onwards = £50.00

Days 22 onwards = £70 per day 

Days 22 onwards = £112 per day 




6 weeks lockdown costs








10 containers = £20300




20 containers = £40600




50 containers = £101500




*Approximate costs to our members per day if these goods cannot be delivered into stores

**All shipping line prices differ

*** E.G. Approx., total cost of 10 x 40’ containers sat at port for 6 weeks lockdown = £49230.00


Ports can only hold containers for a finite amount of time because they only have a certain amount of space. Space is becoming a premium because many manufacturers are having to hold the delivery of goods that cannot be delivered into stores due to enforced closures.


These charges will have catastrophic implications for our members, the supply chain and the industry as a whole and we would urge you to step in and speak to the ports and shipping lines to relax, defer or halt these charges for a minimum of three months so that the industry can work together and find a solution to this mounting problem.


Many of our LOFA members who have been trading for many years will find themselves having to close their businesses if something is not done and done quickly to reduce or defer these costs from Shipping Lines. There is also talk of a predicted rise in these rates due to availability and market pressure.  This will only compound the issue and cause more financial difficulties.


It is through no fault of their own that this situation has been thrust upon them and they cannot sustain these large demurrage and detention costs during this period of lockdown.


I would urge you to consider this situation seriously and the impact it will have on the supply chain in the UK and the effect it will have on the outdoor leisure industry as a whole and to take measures to help the many companies that this will effect before it is too late.



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