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Garden centre removes posters after complaint

Garsons Garden Centre have removed posters after a complaint by a retired schoolteacher who described them as being negative and patronising.

Gillian Elton-Wall, who wrote to the garden centre Garsons, said: "I was really shocked to see them.

"The items, no doubt intended to decorate a child's bedroom, seem to me to confirm very dated and unhealthy gender stereotypes, not at all suitable for 2017.

"They suggest that whilst boys are active, positive and dynamic, girls are merely passive, decorative and domestic.

"To suggest that girls should limit their ambitions to painting their nails, singing songs and dancing like a ballerina is deeply insulting.

"I don't want people telling my granddaughter what she should do to be a proper girl like painting her nails and baking cupcakes while boys are climbing trees, building forts, and going on adventures and doing all the exciting things in life.

"As a teacher I hope that all children will use their imagination, be brave, climb trees and have fun.

"I don't think gender stereotyping of this nature is acceptable. I believe girls should have equal opportunities as boys."

After Mrs Elton-Wall, of Lee-on-the-Solent, Hampshire, complained to Garsons, in Titchfield, Hampshire, the garden centre removed the signs.

Garsons' director Ben Thompson said: "There was a product that a customer alerted us to and we have now swiftly removed it."
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