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Cowells saved from becoming a housing estate
“Business as usual” at up-for-sale Wyevale Garden Centres, admits CEO
May is a record for garden centre sales volumes... but only just
Business as usual at fire-ravaged Strikes within weeks
Total plant sales for May up by 21%
GIMA Golf & Activity Day a resounding success
John Athwal celebrates in true Premier style
Highfield Garden World welcomes third generation
Marathon walk to raise cash for Macmillan Cancer Support
Morrisons store reveals plans for garden centre
April was a rollercoaster month for garden centre sales
Plans to double size of Otter garden centre
Kent & Stowe launch 'Dig for Victory' gift range with Imperial War Museum
Bransford Webbs gears up for HTA National Plant Show
Extensive trialling leads Syngenta Flowers to resilient Imara impatiens walleriana
EU's PEST committee must separate fact from fiction
Help pondkeepers prepare for Summer with Tetra
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Pet firm fined £30,000 for supplying ‘fire-risk’ cushions to garden centre
Garden products up by 6% but 25% below record high
No making up of lost ground for Veg-2-Gro sales
Record May for Growing Media volumes
31 Novelties for the Novelty showcase at Garden Trials and Trade
Johnsons extends range to follow growing organic trend
Worfield Plants introduce new sales executive ahead of HTA show
Plantarium 2018: the ideal place to present your company
Wyevale Nurseries staff celebrate promotions
David Domoney shares ‘Grow Your Own’ knowledge with Mr Fothergill’s sales force
The best of last week's
Record-breaking month for up-for-sale Wyevale
Garden centre business back to normality...almost!
Gardman lands on National TV for the first time
LOFAssured initiative gains strength
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All the latest news from the world of garden centre catering
Abundance of inspiration from HTA Catering Conference
Squire’s serves up a delicious Wimbledon Cream Tea
Tong's Catering Supervisor recognised as a Rising Star
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Help pondkeepers prepare for Summer with Tetra


With the weather warming up, many fishkeepers will be looking for advice on caring for their pond this summer. But, with so much information out there, how can retailers really be sure what to recommend?


To help, Dave Hulse, Tetra’s Technical Expert has answered some of the most common questions around summer ponds, so retailers can rest easy, knowing they’re giving their consumers the right advice for a healthy pond.


Q. How can pondkeepers ensure their fish stay healthy over the summer? 

Dave says; “There are many things pondkeepers can do to support their fish and make sure they stay healthy and happy, but one of the most important things is to ensure they are feeding a well-rounded diet that gives them all of the nutrients they need. Tetra Pond Variety Sticks include BioActive Formula for increased disease resistance and combine three different varieties of food to provide a nourishing yet varied diet for all pond fish.”


Q. How can pondkeepers deal with the increased algae in their pond?

Dave says; “Algae growth blooms in the summer due to the warmer weather creating more nitrate and phosphate nutrients and the greater length of more direct sunlight. Pondkeepers should use treatments all year round to keep their pond crystal clear but should be extra vigilant in the warmer months.

It is vital to act early to prevent blooms of algae, so using treatments to lower phosphate levels in the spring will really help pondkeepers prepare for the summer months. Performing regular partial water changes and dosing the pond with Tetra PhosphateMinus and Tetra AlgoFin will also help keep algae at bay, and lead to a healthy pond with crystal clear waters.”


Q. How can my customers ensure their water stays crystal clear?  

Dave says; “The summer is where your pond makes a really great garden feature, especially when it’s looking in good condition. Keeping ponds clear and tidy by cutting back any plants, trees or shrubbery will not only help your pond stand out but also prevent loose leaves and debris from falling into the water, which if left can rot and affect water quality.”


Q: I’ve heard that aeration of the pond is much more important in the summer than the winter, is this correct?

Dave says; “Warm waters won’t hold as much dissolved oxygen as cold water, yet in summer, pond fish require higher oxygen levels due to the warmer weather. This means that aeration devices, such as filter outlets and air pumps, must be working flat out, especially at night when the photosynthetic activity of plants ceases. Pondkeepers shouldn’t rely solely on so-called ‘oxygenating weed’ to supply their fish with oxygen. Advise your customers to look out for fish looking tired in the margins of the pond or loitering near aeration devices as a sign that their pond isn’t oxygenated enough. Tetra Test O2 kits tests oxygen levels easily and precisely, allowing pondkeepers to react before it gets too serious.”


It’s now even easier for customers to understand exactly what makes a healthy pond with Tetra’s new pond packaging, which offers clear and modern labelling to help communicate product uses and benefits more easily for fishkeepers. Tetra’s 6in1 test strips also allow pond keepers to test their pond water quickly and easily and can download the Tetra Aquatics App to scan the strip and understand the water parameters and any steps that need to be taken.


For more information on Tetra’s products and pond range, please visit or head to their Facebook page, Tetra UK.

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