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Clear ‘N’ Collect combines functionality and sustainability for the most advanced rake yet!


The world of garden rakes has welcomed a new ‘face’ in the shape of the Clear ‘N’ Collect team. This new concept in garden rakes has been designed to simplify the task of collecting garden debris whilst also minimising the need to bend. Additionally, the range is helping to reduce reliance on virgin plastic material, instead utilising recycled car dashboards and waste electrical goods to create a truly unique material which will spark conversation amongst end-users and within the retail environment. 


The UK-invented and manufactured Clear ‘N’ Collect Multi-Purpose Garden Rake comprises a large hinged rake with large internal ‘scoop’ so that leaves and garden debris can be raked and scooped in one swift and easy motion. This ability to complete three jobs (rake, collection and depositing) not only reduces worktime, but reduces the reliance on multiple products, whilst also minimising excessive bending and lifting, making it the perfect choice for all amateur and professional gardeners, and particularly those who suffer from ongoing back complaints. 


Since its launch in early 2019 the Clear ‘N’ Collect offering has already been stocked within 29 stockists, including Longacres and Squires, and is also supplied by Stax and Decco. Now, the team is looking to further expand this network of stockists as autumn tidy-ups and spring cleans become the order of the day for gardeners.


James Coneron, inventor of the Clear ‘N’ Collect said: “We’ve introduced our Multi-Purpose Garden Rake as we appreciate that many gardeners are looking for solutions that deliver results but are also kind to both body and planet. We’ve had a phenomenal response already, and are really keen to expand our offering within UK garden centres over the coming months as we strongly believe that our product really fits the needs of garden centres’ core customer demographic as well as the new  3million strong ‘gardening army’ that found pleasure in gardening during lockdown but still insist on products that deliver results and convenience.”  


Each Clear ‘N’ Collect rake is offered with a recommended retail price of £22.99 and is supported with dedicated point of sale which outlines the products USPs to consumers. Each display unit can house up to 20 rakes, providing retailers with a 40% profit margin within a footprint of just 0.4m2, with further discounts available on volume orders. This small footprint makes the Clear ‘N’ Collect offering ideal for co-locating around the store to drive seasonal and gifting sales, or as an add-on sales opportunity when placed near gloves, or grow-your-own essentials for example.


A rake with a conscience

Not only does Clear ‘N’ Collect offer improved usability but it is also backed by a truly unique material story, one which the team believe will help it stand out from the crowd.


100% recyclable, each rake is made from an injection-moulded plastic, though this plastic is a little different! It is made from recycled car dashboards and waste electrical goods, both products which would otherwise be headed for landfill to be left to decompose over many years. 


This new recycled plastic is designed to match the quality of virgin plastic, which means consumers can trust in the integrity and strength of the product. They can also rest easy, knowing that each rake has helped to play its part in reducing harmful carbon emissions and the consumption of raw resources such as gas and oil.


Clear ‘N’ Collect’s co-founder, Sally Coneron added: “Consumers have been making more environmentally conscious choices in recent years, but the Covid-19 pandemic has seen this increase significantly, with sustainable materials topping the agenda for many. With our Multi-Purpose Garden Rake, we are able to contribute to the fight against single-use plastic reliance and offer consumers a product that benefits from unique material usage within a category which traditionally has sat, at best, on the periphery of this conversation.


“Additionally, there is a lot of research regarding the damage that leaf blowers are having on wildlife. Recent reports have highlighted that leaf blowers not only pollute with noise and fuel emissions, but they can also destroy natural habitats and even cause small animal and insects to be absorbed or blown, causing irreparable damage. As such consumers are moving away from this method. Until now the alternatives have been time and energy consuming, but again we have countered this with our ergonomic design which makes light work of clearing lawns, driveways and patios (not just blowing the debris elsewhere!), without damaging wildlife habitats.”


Did you know…..?

  • Each Clear ‘N’ Collect Multi-Purpose Rake is made from an injection-moulded plastic made from end-of-life vehicles (auto shredder waste) and waste electrical goods, which are refined into high-quality engineering polymers (also known as recycled polypropylene) that match virgin material quality.  
  • Recycling of polypropylene will reduce the consumption of raw resources such as oil and gas. It is estimated that around 8% of the oil used worldwide (around 400 million tons per year) is utilised in the traditional methods of plastic production.
  • When producing recycled polypropylene as opposed to making virgin material from oil and gas, energy use can be reduced by as much as 88%.
  • A full truck of recycled material (such as that used to make the Clear ‘N’ Collect Multi-Purpose Rake) has the equivalent COsaving as making a lorry carbon neutral for an entire 40,000-mile journey! 

Find out more

To start stocking Clear ‘N’ Collect’s Multi-Purpose Garden Rake please email or call 07766073183. Full details, including instructional videos can be found at or

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