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Cowells, Fron Goch, Tong and Bents are the top centres in the North East & North West GCA regions
Squires Shepperton and Perrywood are best in North Thames GCA
Haskins Roundstone and Squires Hersham are Centres of the Year in GCA South Thames
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Haskins Roundstone and Squires Hersham are Centres of the Year in GCA South Thames

The winners of the Garden Centre Association’s South Thames regional awards were revealed during a presentation evening this week (Tuesday) at Squires Garden Centre – Badshot Lea.


The title of Garden Centre of the Year in the Destination Garden Centre category was awarded to Haskins Garden Centre - Roundstone (above) and the Garden Centre category award went to Squires Garden Centre - Hersham (below.)


Mike Lind, GCA Chairman, said: “This was our first regional awards meeting of the month and it was a great success. We had a fantastic turn out and garden centres from the region sent multiple members of staff to the event who were all actively engaged in the presentations and were able to take lots of info back with them to share with the rest of their teams.


“Our inspections are the core of our Association and they help drive members’ standardsacross all areas of their business including customer service, merchandising, plant quality and marketing. They’re also a great way for our member centres to collaborate with each other and share ideas. It was also great to see prospective new members come along and find out what they can benefit from when they join.


“I’d like to offer thanks to Squires Garden Centre – Badshot Lea for being brilliant hosts and congratulate all our very deserving award-winners, who were inspected by Gordon Emslie.  Regional Chairman, Gary Carvasso from Coolings organised the event.


South Thames GCA 2018 Full Results


Garden Centre of the Year

  1. Squires Hersham
  2. Thompsons Welling
  3. Squires Long Ditton


Destination Garden Centre of the Year

  1. Haskins Roundstone
  2. Stewarts Christchurch
  3. Haskins Snowhill


Customer Service

  1. Garsons Titchfield
  2. Haskins Roundstone
  3. Ruxley Manor


South Thames Ruxley Rose Finalists

Coolings Rushmore Hill

Haskins Snowhill

Stewarts Christchurch

Millbrook Gravesend

Newbridge Nurseries

Squires Hersham

Squires Long Ditton

Thompsons Chislehurst


Best Garden Products Retailer – GIMA Award

Garden Centres

  1. Squires Hersham
  2. Thompsons Newchurch
  3. Castle Gardens

Destination Garden Centres

  1. Haskins Ferndown
  2. Haskins Southampton
  3. Haskins Roundstone


Best Outdoor Living Retailer

Garden Centres

1= Knights Godstone

1= Squires Cobham

1= Squires Hersham


Destination Garden Centres

1= Garsons Titchfield

1= Garsons Esher

3  Ruxley Manor


Best Indoor Lifestyle Retailer

Garden Centres

1. Squires Long Ditton

2= Squires Crawley

2= Squires Hersham

2= Knights Godstone


Destination Garden Centres

  1. Garsons Esher
  2. Squires Badshot Lea
  3. Ruxley Manor


Best Garden Centre Restaurant – The ifse Award for Catering Excellence

Garden Centres

  1. Squires Hersham
  2. Knights Godstone
  3. Blackbrooks

Destination Garden Centres

  1. Haskins Roundstone

2= Haskins Southampton

2= Ruxley Manor

2= Stewarts Christchurch


Environment and Community Award

  1. Stewarts Christchurch
  2. Haskins Ferndown
  3. Squires Long Ditton


Commercial Innovation and Creativity – The Barton Grange Trophy

  1. Haskins Ferndown
  2. Squires Badshot Lea
  3. Stewarts Christchurch

Most Improved Centre – The Dick Allen Award

  1. Henry Street
  2. Squires Long Ditton
  3. Millbrook Gravesend


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GCA South Thames at Badshot Lea 170718_GTN001.jpg
GCA South Thames at Badshot Lea 170718_GTN001.jpg
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