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Business agility for the UK gardening market in a disruptive world
People, Brand, Knowledge and Partnerships - 4 equations for a virtuous circle
How will Brexit impact on the UK garden retail industry?
Four pillars of success for future retailing winners
Will "wish-listing" have a bigger impact than "green aspirations" on the garden centre landscape for 2017?
What will the next 10 years bring for garden retailing?
Why do profitable businesses lose the art of start?
Plants can be used to mitigate the effects of climate change
Being brave, fresh thinking, embracing diversity and knowing what makes a business stand out from the crowd
People are the lifeblood of the horticulture industry
Garden Centre General Manager
Horticultural Quality Controller
Nursery Growing Supervisor
Horticultural Plant Centre Manager (Northamptonshire)
Taylors Bulbs director joins HTA board as VP elect
New HTA report sets out market threats and opportunities
HTA Marketing Forum - Maximising Your Potential
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Garden Centre General Manager
Salary: Excellent
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Horticultural Quality Controller
Salary: £20,000 - £22,000
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Nursery Growing Supervisor
Salary: £20,000 - £25,000
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Horticultural Plant Centre Manager (Northamptonshire)
Salary: £16,500
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New HTA report sets out market threats and opportunities

The HTA’s new Garden Market Analysis Report 2016, published this week-end, provides a detailed analysis of market and consumer trends over the past five years that have the potential to change the market in the coming years.

It includes the historical value of the market worth in excess of £5 billion including key categories and reviews what has influenced this. It aims to help businesses to look forward and describes factors that could change or disrupt the way consumers spend on their gardens.

The report is structured into three main sections:

Major market drivers – an exploration of the demographic, political, economic and technological changes that are affecting and will influence the size and structure of the market.

Market structure – an overview of the channels used by consumers and the competitive strategies at play in the market.

Market size trends – the value over time of the market and categories in it, as well as analysing the performance over time of different retail channels and garden spend by age and socio-economic group.

HTA market information manager David Denny, said
: “This report brings together a huge amount of knowledge of the size and prospects of the gardening market. It’s a must read for businesses looking to navigate opportunities and threats that the future holds.”

The report is available to non HTA members for £1,295 plus VAT. It is free to HTA members.

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