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Maxicrop arrives in SBM Warehouse


Following the announcement in September of the partnership agreement between SBM Company and Valagro, the first delivery of the Maxicrop brand of organic seaweed based fertilisers has arrived at SBM Life Science’s Shrewsbury warehouse.

With a 50-year history, Maxicrop is the leading manufacturer of seaweed extracts in the world.  Used by farmers, growers and gardeners in over 40 countries, its range of bio-stimulant products improve soil and plant productivity, and is proven and trusted by gardeners to produce amazing results.

Unlike some other seaweed extract products on the market, Maxicrop uses only the finest Norwegian seaweed from the Arctic Circle, the long daylight hours ensuring the Maxicrop seaweed builds resistance to stress and stimulates natural plant growth.  It is harvested sustainably.  An area is harvested only once every four to five years, only the top part of the plant being cut, the rest of the seaweed being left on the rocks and allowed to grow back fully.  This approach, which has been practiced for more than 60 years, ensures the wonderful resource is available for generations to come.

Garden centre and others in the trade have responded very positively to the announcement. 

Talking about the benefits of SBM Life Science taking forward the Maxicrop brand, Simon Whitehead of Hall’s Garden Centre said: “We have stocked Maxicrop products here at Hall’s Garden Centres for over 20 years and our traditional customer base come back year on year to replenish their stocks. We are delighted that SBM now have the Maxicrop brand under their belt – it will be a great asset to them and we look forward to seeing what SBM will do to push the heritage brand forward in the coming years.”

“Welcoming the first delivery of the Maxicrop brand into our warehouse was an exciting moment,” said Darren Brown, Head of SBM Life Science in the UK.

“Maxicrop has a deservedly loyal following amongst committed gardeners.  They know how effective it is and use it every season to give their plants what they need to thrive.  Our mission is to take this great range to a wider audience so everyone, from beginners to experienced gardeners, benefit from its proven positive effects.” 

An innovative range of plant nutrition solutions, the Maxicrop brand fits with SBM Life Science’s strategy of providing gardeners with effective and trusted solutions that are well balanced and ‘In Tune with Nature’.  It complements Solabiol, the company’s brand of natural plant care solutions, launched earlier this year for the 2018 season.     The integration of the Maxicrop brand means consumers can Feed & Strengthen their plants, while using the Solabiol range they can naturally Treat & Cure plant diseases and Protect & Prevent pest attacks.

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