GIMA New Product Digest Autumn 2023

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Welcome to the 2023 Autumn Edition of the GIMA New Product Digest
A-Z listing of GIMA New Product Directory Advertisers
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Altico push landscape and garden product boundaries for 2024
The AMES Companies – your partner of choice for season 24
AMES Tools – the new ‘must-have’ tool brand
Apta Lightweight: A new chapter
AutoPot keep growing!
Azpects: Revolutionising porcelain patio installation
Bulldog Tools built on strength, heritage and reliability
Burgon & Ball launch four new RHS ranges
Carbon Gold: The Gold Standard
elho’s new indoor innovations set to help customers bring the outdoors in this autumn
EKJU: New contemporary garden furniture
Town & Country: A walk in the park
Evergreen Garden Care moves towards 100% peat-free
Fandango Fire Tools introduce new Scandinavian outdoor living products
New Fiskars range brings quality cooking to the great outdoors
Forest Garden launches new shed range
Greenkey: New products for 2024
Glee 2024: SAVE THE DATE
Handy 2024 Pre-Season Catalogue for 2024
Hozelock to introduce knitted hose range made from up to 70% recycled materials
GARDENA: Reach new heights with the StarCut pruning lopper
LBC Boots expands range with new colours
Honeyfields continue to nurture nature with their new Suet Range
Green Protect: Eco-conscious pest control
PlantWorks: Biofertilisers – The new generation
Primeur – entering a new chapter in sustainable products
Smart Garden Products: Autumnal Magic!
Sorbus International: Unlocking precision and excellence with ARS
Spear & Jackson: Sustainable solutions
Natural Plant Food Company: Nature’s superpower unlocks year-round garden health
Tramontina Mood Collection
Vitavia & Janssens: Every garden centre needs a greenhouse display site
Woodmansterne: Grow your cards sales sustainably
Zest: New products – the natural choice
Ecofective’s award-winning Organic Superfood range expands
Germie’s effortless seed starting kits
Johnsons’ Quick Lawn with Accelerator® is the best lawn seed formula yet
Qwickhose: The unique Wing-Lock hose connector that won’t pop off!
Vitax: Lots in store for 2024
Museums & Galleries: Drinking in style
Hug Rug: Perfect barrier mats for any home
BIP Candy & Toys: Grow your sweet sales
Kleen-Tex: Your ultimate source for premium matting solutions!
Woodlodge are driving innovation withlatest range developments
Abacus Cards: Improve your card sales with BBC household names
Durstons: Hit the right mark next season
Henry Bell: Wild bird care takes flight
HEX Living – UK manufacturing at its best
Protek packs a colour punch
RocketGro expands portfolio with exciting new launches
2023 GIMA Awards crown new winners
Sword of Excellence
GCA Supplier of the Year Award
Gardenex Export Achievement Award
HTA sponsored Sustainability Award
Garden Care – Sponsored by Decco
Growing, Planting Equipment and Sundries
Garden Tools, Machinery and Implements – Sponsored by eBay
Outdoor Leisure
Plants, Seeds and Bulbs
Garden Landscaping
Garden Clothing & Gifts
Pet Care, Aquatics and Wild Bird Care Products
Garden Lighting, Water Features & Ornamentation
Decorative Pots & Planters
Best Point of Sale Material
Best Sustainable Product Packaging
Best Marketing Communication & Social Media Award
GIMA presents £14,000 cheque to Greenfingers
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Germie’s effortless seed starting kits

Germie has made significant strides in the gardening landscape in 2023, redefining the entire experience with its game-changing seed starting kits.


This year, Germie’s commitment to premium quality and pioneering spirit was recognized when it was awarded the esteemed GIMA Seed Corn Fund Winner for 2023, a testament to its remarkable achievements.


The hallmark of Germie’s range lies in its unique seed starting kits, designed to revolutionize conventional gardening practices. These kits give even the most novice gardener the power to yield impressive results, all while contributing positively to our planet with a reusable range that lasts for more than 30-40 years.


At the heart of Germie’s innovation is the creation of an ideal environment for seed growth. The ingenious design of these kits provides perfect conditions, resulting in higher germination rates and plant health. But what truly distinguishes Germie is its simple extraction feature, which safeguards roots during transplantation and eliminates the necessity for careful thinning, making your gardening journey entirely effortless.


But the Germie story doesn’t stop at the initial purchase. Customers are so delighted with the product that they frequently return for more kits of different sizes to cater to a variety of plant needs. This recurring cycle of orders is a testament to Germie’s effectiveness and high customer satisfaction levels.


Retailers and customers alike adore Germie’s compact size and reusable nature. With low shipping costs and minimal space requirements, Germie offers a competitive edge over other brands in the market.



Germie’s path to success is not solely about creating outstanding gardening products. It’s a comprehensive approach that fuses innovation, sustainability, and customer happiness. As Germie continues to receive accolades for its commitment to environmental improvement, our seed germination kits aim to be every gardener’s first choice for lush and prosperous gardens.


For those seeking a revolution in gardening and a sustainable option, Germie’s seed starting kits offer an unparalleled solution. Each kit, though compact with dimensions of just 16cm X 12cm, has the potential to bring about incredible results.


Depending on the size of the kit chosen, gardeners can cultivate a multitude of plants. The large (L) kit allows for the growth of up to 13 plants, the medium (M) size accommodates 25, and the small (S) size can host an impressive 41 plants. Despite the size, the outcomes are extraordinary gardens that embody the perfect balance between innovation and nature.


To learn more about Germie’s revolutionary products and join the gardening revolution, visit There you’ll find detailed technical data, customer testimonials, and everything else you need to fully embrace the Germie experience.


So come along, let’s sow the seeds of success together with Germie.


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