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Evergreen Garden Care pushes peat-free at Glee
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Evergreen Garden Care pushes peat-free at Glee


Evergreen Garden Care is moving rapidly towards becoming 100% peat-free within the growing media category alongside making industry-leading changes whilst focussing on the needs of its customers.


At Glee, EGC announced the expansion of: 

  • Growing Media Category: The new launches include top-quality soils for Miracle-Gro® and Levington®, expansion of the Levington® bark range, new Peat-Free offerings and new product sizes. 
  • Clear™: New products include BugClear™ Plant Shield Spray, RoseClear® Plant Shield Spray, FungusClear® Plant Shield Spray
  • Roundup®: Expanding this year with the new Optima range (Roundup® Weedkiller Total Optima) a glyphosate-free solution for gardeners that will be seeing the return of the iconic green bottle.

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