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Time to stock up for spring!
GTN Xtra Promotion


As the clocks have gone forward and with the longer days upon us, now is the right time for garden centres to stock up for the big spring garden makeover.


Certain to be high on consumers’ priorities will be upgrading garden sheds, summer and play houses, wood stores and other garden buildings.


A popular choice for DIY enthusiasts is ONDULINE EASYLINE lightweight roofing sheets, available to garden centre retailers in a branded standalone pallet, complete with accessories and fixings.


ONDULINE EASYLINE is both an easy solution to stock on any shop floor and an easy solution for the end-user to install. 


Bethany Hall, Technical Sales Manager for Onduline Building Products, said: “Longer evenings, brighter days and the freshness that comes with spring really puts people in the mood to be outside and in their gardens.


“As well as getting the garden looking good, consumers think about their garden buildings, whether that’s a refurbishment or giving them an upgrade.


“Alongside a coat of paint, replacing tired and worn-out roofing felt with ONDULINE EASYLINE roofing sheets is the perfect way to make sheds and summer houses look more attractive, while making them watertight for years to come.”



ONDULINE EASYLINE roofing sheets are very compact (only 1 x 0,76 m²). They can be easily transported in any car and due to their light weight and size they can be easily handled on the roof and are simple to install.


Available in seven bright colours, the ONDULINE EASYLINE roofing material is asbestos free, containing no hazardous substances, making it completely safe. 


It can be cut with a standard cutter or roofer knife, and it comes with a 10-year guarantee.


With the shortage in supply of timber resulting in huge cost increases for buying new garden buildings; homeowners are looking for innovative ways to renovate their existing sheds, summerhouse and other timber buildings. Onduline’s light weight roofing sheets are just the product to assist.



The ONDULINE EASYLINE standalone POS display is available in stock and ready for delivery from our UK warehouses. Get in touch today to discuss how we can support you this spring: or call 0207 727 0533.


For more information on Onduline’s lightweight, eco-friendly and durable roofing solutions please visit the website.

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