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Dog-friendly garden plants guide


Experts at have created a guide to garden plants that won’t harm the family dog. From floral arrangements to evergreen shrubs, here are the most pup-friendly plants.


Snapdragons (Antirrhinums) 

Sow: March / Plant: May-June / Flowers: June-October

Antirrhinums are cheerful annual plants guaranteed to brighten up your garden with their wide range of colours and heights. 

Commonly known as Snapdragons, these are easy-to-grow. As old-fashioned cottage garden plants, they are beloved by children and bees. 

Attractive to wildlife, they have a long flowering period, from June until October. If you have tall Snapdragons in your garden, they can be brought into your home, simply cut and pop them in a vase with water - they last well over a week in water.


Michaelmas Daisies 

Sow: March-April /  Plant: March-May / Flowers: July-October 

There’s a Michaelmas daisy, also known as asters, to suit every garden – they come in shades of white, blue, purple and pink. They’re extremely popular with bees and butterflies, too.

When adding this gorgeous addition to your garden, grow Michaelmas daisies in moist but well-drained soil in full sun to partial shade and cut back after flowering.



Plant: Oct-November / Flowers: October-April / Prune: April-May

Camellias, a popular evergreen shrub that produces a beautiful display of flowers during late winter and early spring, when little else is in flower in the garden. There are thousands of varieties to choose from, with white, pink or red flowers. When they are not flowering, their shiny evergreen leaves look great all year round.

Soil conditions are the utmost important factor when planting Camellias, they need to grow in acidic soil. If you don’t have this type of soil in your garden, you can opt for growing them in plant pots. 

Camellias do best in a partially shaded spot in your garden, sheltered from the wind.



Sow: March-May / Plant: April-June / Flowers: June-September

Sunflowers are one of the nation's most popular flowers. Did you know, Sunflowers also come in rusty red, green and white flowering forms and not just the iconic yellow? 

Depending on the Sunflower, they can take 11-18 weeks to flower from seed sowing. 

So here’s a top tip from us, when sowing Sunflower seeds, sow some every couple of weeks - that’ll mean you’ll have a constant supply of cheerful Sunflowers throughout summer.


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