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Ergrownomics to launch officially at GLEE 2021 – The Container Growing Revolution
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Ergrownomics, a new start-up exhibiting at their first Glee this year, are set to make a terrific entrance onto the scene. Exhibiting on stand 8A51, in the Innovator’s zone, their products are sustainably manufactured in the UK, and designed to make vegetable growing simple, clean & reliable. 


In the run-up to their launch, they’ve already seen an excellent reception: receiving an RHS award for their prototype models, endorsed by the support of the Princes Countryside Fund, and just last week having scooped the runner-up spot as ‘Highly Commended’ to GIMA’s Innovators Seed Corn fund, 2021. The team are excited to meet with any buyers and decision-makers who are looking to break the mould, and keen to offer something new and innovative to their customers, next year.


Designed by a father & son team in rural Herefordshire, Jamie & Nigel Bending are intent on revolutionising container growing, working to ensure that everybody can enjoy the benefits of home-growing - wherever they live, with whatever space they have.



“We’ve set out to offer a complete home-growing solution – one that can be used in an extremely compact space, with minimal maintenance, and with no experience required. With over 8 years of product development, and hundreds of crop-variety trials, behind us – we’ve built our planters around the needs of the modern gardener, and believe we’ve revolutionised container growing in the process.”


“All of this is underpinned by our strong sustainability values. We believe that buying once is the best way to prevent waste – so we build all our planters to uncompromising standards – ensuring they have a lifespan of over 40 years (and are fully recyclable thereafter!)”


Ergrownomics is also specifically aimed at new and emerging demographics, and are directly in-line with modern customer concerns. 


“So many new gardeners have recently begun their GYO journey, new homes with tiny gardens are continuously being built, and the rental community continues to sky-rocket. We believe our container system caters specifically to the particular needs of the 21st century gardener - providing an innovative, compact and reliable solution for time-poor, unsure beginners, who are looking for a non-traditional approach, and who are attracted to our more contemporary appearance!”



Ergrownomics raised planters are also entirely modular, allowing users to extend their growing space as required, or even relocate their veg-garden entirely. Whether consumers want a single unit on a balcony, an allotment on their patio, or to kit out an entire greenhouse – Ergrownomics can provide a low-maintenance and reliable solution!


The team are passionate about what they do, and confident in the abilities of their product. With over 60 planters in-use on their own site, they’ve trialled hundreds of crop-varieties over the course of their R&D, and are confident that their system redefines the boundaries of container gardening!


“We want to make GYO more than a recreation, working to ensure that our system is as productive and systematic as possible, and helping users to succeed with straightforward guidance! This reliability is a key factor, and we know that our containers can be used to create huge yields from a comparatively small space, and enable users to effectively replace aspects of their daily shop. For example, we have two containers dedicated entirely to seasonal-leaves, and haven’t bought a salad-bag in years!”



They’ll be unveiling their new merchandising model next week at Glee, professionally art-worked to inspire and excite visitors in-store, and which will be provided to all new stockists!


“Our complete container growing system can provide an exciting and eye-catching foundation for upselling a host of seeds, sundries and assorted accessories! When a consumer picks up one of our products – they’re immediately directed to purchase peat-free compost, perlite & topsoil, while QR links provide extensive advice on which crops and varieties they should grow. Ergrownomics provides the opportunity to ‘orbit’ a huge collection of accessories around our container – offering gloves, trowels, knee pads etc., in addition to the growing materials themselves. Our system essentially allows you to sell the idea of ‘GYO’, enabling customers to purchase all necessary elements in-store, then head-home to start growing immediately!”


Interested in working with Ergrownomics? Find them on stand 8A51, or contact to schedule a meeting.


Spring Cottage,
Walterstone Common,

Tel: 07568 521648

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