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The road to natural: bringing control products into the future 


In 2020, Evergreen Garden Care launched the RoundUp NL Glyphosate Free range, which is the two-time winner of the IndyBest award and has become established as a popular alternative to Glyphosate. 


In 2022, Evergreen Garden Care’s ClearTM brand introduced a range of plant protection products which are certified for use in organic systems, delivering a more sustainable offering to gardeners who are more conscious about what they use in their gardens. 


This year, Evergreen Garden Care has announced a new collection: the Plant Shield range: pesticide-free, bee-friendly and made from 98% natural ingredients. This patent-pending formula addresses the growing consumer demand for effective, organic and natural plant protection.


Within the new Plant Shield Range, products will include: BugClear™ Plant Shield Spray, RoseClear® Plant Shield Spray, FungusClear® Plant Shield Spray. 


As the UK’s No. 1 control brand, Clear™ strives to provide gardeners with innovative products designed specifically with their needs in mind. The bee and pet-friendly Plant Shield range, available from 2024, will offer a ground-breaking solution that safeguards plants from pests and diseases even before they can inflict damage. The brand-new range simultaneously enhances plant strength without compromising efficacy. With its unique blend of oils, this 98% natural formula creates a natural barrier and can be used bi-weekly to provide unmatched protection against persistent threats like aphids, scale insects, and rust. 

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